Have you heard of #THATCamp? Don’t miss it at the American Academy of Religion meeting

THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) is what they call an unconference. What that means is participants run the show on the fly based on the needs, desires, and skills of everyone who showed up. They are interactive and thought provoking and you should definitely head to your nearest one to check out what everyone is so excited about. I’m sure you won’t be let down.


At last year’s  annual meeting for the American Academy of Religion I was part of the team who organized the very first THATCamp at the AAR. It was a great success and we are back it this year.

We are just gearing up now but you can sign up (for free) at this year’s website. Like last year we will be supported by DeGruyter’s Religious Studies wing. That means coffee will be served – Thanks DeGruyter!


You should also follow @THATCampAAR on Twitter for updates as we move along.

I’m sure Christopher Cantwell, Hussein RashidDavid McConeghyJeri Wieringa, and Michael Altman will be tweeting about it occasionally too.

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