Wabash Teaching and Learning Workshop, June 20-25, 2016

header-programsI’ll be heading to Crawfordsville, IN this June for the final week of the Wabash Teaching and Learning Workshop for Pre-Tenure Religion
Faculty at Colleges and Universities
. Wabash is one of the best learning experiences I’ve had as a professor and I would highly recommend it for any early career scholars. Check it out here. Here is the description from the Wabash website:

This workshop will gather 14 faculty members in their first years of teaching for a week in two successive summers and for a weekend winter retreat in a warm location. The purpose of the workshop is to create a community of committed and skilled teachers who will explore such topics as:

• Strategies for effective teaching
• Course design, assignments, and assessment
• Teaching in one’s institutional context
• Dealing with religious, social, ethnic, racial, and learning diversities in the classroom
• Balancing the competing demands of teaching, scholarship, service, and personal life
• Issues of tenure preparation

The workshop balances plenary sessions with small group discussions, individual and collaborative work with the Wabash Center teaching resources, as well as structured and unstructured social time.

Workshop Goals

• To provide a supportive context within which to explore issues of teaching and learning, including course design and classroom practice
• To provide opportunity and resources for participants to better understand their teaching contexts and their students, and to develop their teaching skills
• To create a context in which participants can develop a reflective practice about self and work that supports the composition of a sustainable personal and professional life
• To explore the multiple communities of conversation that inform teaching and the larger purposes and publics involved in the teaching of religious studies and theology in the 21st century

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