Interpreting the Qur’an in China, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, November 7

478370Our Religious Studies Department at University of Nebraska Omaha has had a long varied relationship with the Department of Classics & Religious Studies at University of Nebraska Lincoln. From what I hear, those connections have ebbed and flowed with various levels of cross-campus participation. But we are collectively making greater strides to collaborate.

One initiative is a bi-annual faculty lecture series that brings a speaker from one campus to the other to introduce their work for the faculty, students, and wider community. I have the pleasure of starting the series off this semester.

I’ll be giving a lecture November 7 at 4:30pm in Andrews Hall, “Interpreting the Qur’an in China,” which will give an overview of my forthcoming book, Interpreting Islam in China: Pilgrimage, Scripture, and Language in the Han Kitab (Oxford University Press, 2017). Looking forward to building further connections with my Lincoln colleagues.

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