New Book Series – Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion

It’s been a great privilege to work on the Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion book series with de Gruyter. The series Editorial Board is a wonderful group of scholars pushing the boundaries of the academic study of religion in innovative ways, with Claire Clivaz (University of Lausanne), Charles Ess (University of Oslo), Gregory Price Grieve (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), and Sally Promey (Yale University).
This series of edited volumes explores the intersections of digital humanities research tools and the study of religion. Volumes offer overviews of current methodologies, techniques, tools, and projects as well as defining challenges and opportunities for further research. Exploring construction and analysis as mutually influential aspects of research in the digital humanities and religion, these volumes are ideal for both students and scholars.

One of the exciting approaches we have decided to take is an open peer-review process in addition to traditional review. The 1st volume in the series, Digital Humanities and Buddhism: An Introduction, edited by Daniel Veidlinger, is now posted for the review process. Please consider reading through the materials and making any suggestions relevant to the materials and methods explored in each chapter. You can access the volume HERE.

The Introductions to Digital Humanities: Research Methods in the Study of Religion volume that I’m co-editing with Christopher Cantwell should be ready for open peer-review process later this year.



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