Review of Interpreting Islam in China – Journal of Chinese Religions

Another review of Interpreting Islam in China: Pilgrimage, Scripture, and Language in the Han Kitab has just been published in the Journal of Chinese Religions, sponsored by the Society for the Study of Chinese Religions.


Guangtian Ha, specialist on Islam in China, viewed the book as “excellent addition to the growing body of literature on the Sinophone Hui Muslims in imperial China.” If you’d like to read the full review you can access it through the Journal of Chinese Religions’ website (paywall).

Here is a preview:

The book is written in clear and accessible prose; there is no doubt that it can be used in classes for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. To anyone interested in an alternative—and rich—Islamic tradition lodged in the Chinese- speaking world, this book would prove an invaluable reference; and those who do have a genuine commitment to understanding China cultural and religious heterogeneity that is under increasing attack from both Han nationalists and a repressive state apparatus will be grateful for Petersen’s contribution.

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