Digital Humanities

9783110573022Digital Humanities and Research Methods in Religious Studies: An Introduction. Co-editor with Christopher Cantwell. de Gruyter, 2021.

Digital technology has fundamentally transformed every aspect of the field’s work, from the way we research and teach to how we provide service to our universities and profession. This volume is an edited introduction addressing specific areas of study at the intersections of digital humanities & religio. Essays offer an overview of digital tools and methods through exemplary digital humanities projects. It is intended to help its scholars working in Religious Studies navigate the digital turn in the study of religion, both defining challenges and opportunities for further research.

download_26Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion (de Gruyter), Series Editorial Board with Claire Clivaz (University of Lausanne), Charles Ess (University of Oslo), Gregory Price Grieve (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Sally Promey (Yale University)

This series of edited volumes explores the intersections of digital humanities research tools and the study of religion. Volumes offer overviews of current methodologies, techniques, tools, and projects as well as defining challenges and opportunities for further research. Exploring construction and analysis as mutually influential aspects of research in the digital humanities and religion, these volumes are ideal for both students and scholars.