Pedagogical excellence and teaching expertise in Religious and Islamic Studies are cultivated through continued curricular self-improvement, course development and revision, fostering student learning outside the classroom, and maintaining innovative classroom environments that encourage practical interdisciplinary learning.

My students share their analyses via public forums and communicate their ideas accurately and purposefully through written, visual, audio, and digital materials. The inclusion of these collaborative technologies encourage students to analyze their own voice as it moves beyond the solitary ear of the professor and enters the public sphere. Students are instructed in various tools in order to communicate dynamically, such as multi-media documentary essays, collaborative annotated bibliographies, illustrated argumentative essays, multi-modal geospatial timelines, and interpretive infographics. These projects enable students to uncover the skills and cognitive processes that will be useful in their future endeavors and provide a toolset that will serve their professional needs outside of the university.

Course Offerings

World Religions (Syllabus)

Muslims & Media (Syllabus)

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Methods & Phenomena in Religious Studies (Syllabus)

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Islam (Syllabus) (Online)

Qur’an (Syllabus)

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Gender & Sexuality in Islam (Syllabus)

Islam and Film (Syllabus)

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Religion and Film (Syllabus)

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The Dao of Islam:A History of Chinese Muslims (Syllabus)

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