Islam in Film

Current Projects

The Cinematic Lives of Muslims

This project explores how media makers disrupt dominant representational patterns of Muslims and Islam in French, British, and American cinema. The first section of the book outlines the dominant features in Muslim representation in French, British, and American screen cultures. These depictions are placed within the particular social historical circumstances and the changing political landscapes of each nation as they shift over the century. Section two explores how transnational Muslim filmmakers working in these national media contexts unsettle these patterns by broadening the cinematic possibilities. Special attention is given to the social context of media production including filmmakers self-identified motivations and intentions, community activism, networks of training and support, and film festivals. The final segment of the book explores the role of Muslim movie stars in dismantling these images and diversifying the legibility of Muslims in the public. 

Muslims in the Movies: A Global Anthology, Editor (ILEX Foundation & Harvard University Press)

This edited collection brings together scholarship that focuses on a broad definitional articulation of Islam in world cinematic cultures.To be published in the Mizan Series published with ILEX Foundation and Harvard University Press.

New Approaches to Islam in Film, Editor (Routledge)

This set of interdisciplinary essays returns to issues of identity, cultural production, and representation in the depiction of Islam and Muslims on screen, through new sources, theories, and methods. To be published in the series Routledge Studies in Religion and Film.